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A Mindful Approach to Fitness

Algorhythm Fitness is about creating a life of wellness rooted in mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of being, achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and connection with your body.


How does this relate to fitness and wellness? You can't change what you are unaware of. Most of us are caught up in old patterns of thinking and habits that do not truly serve our wellness. By connecting with yourself in the present moment, you can rewire your mind, change your habits, and truly be the greatest version of yourself!

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Viola Gant

Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach

Who am I? I am passionate and committed to wellness and improving myself daily while helping others achieve their wellness goals. I love working out and developing new ways to challenge myself. I believe the body, mind, and spirit are connected as one. Any imbalance in one is reflected through the others. We are what we repeatedly do. My fitness practice is not just about changing bodies, but transforming mindsets. Come join me, embrace the journey.

Movement, Stillness, Wellness

A 12 week journey of self discovery. 

Journey with me to break through mental, emotional, spiritual and physical restrictions, moving you closer to the greatest version of yourself. This Journey takes place in a group setting with weekly live workouts. You are joining a community of supportive women striving together in wellness. 


The Wellness Journey

12 weeks of

Movement Stillness Wellness


Week 1 and 2: Self-Awareness

Week 3 and 4: Fear and Judgment

Week 5 and 6: Emotions and Thoughts

Week 7 and 8: Self-Worth and Gratitude

Week 9 and 10: Acceptance

Week 11 and 12: Balance


Each Week we will dive deep into the focus area to help you connect with your highest self.


Movement is critical to our well-being: releasing endorphins, reducing stress, sculpting and defining our shape. Connecting with your body in rhythm and harmony.



The Wellness Journey Includes:

  • 48 Workouts

  • 2 weekly Zoom Workouts: bodyweight moves, Interval circuits with Weights, and core exercises

  • 2 Weekly Youtube home Workouts: Cardio, Low impact movements and strength training

  • 6 Mobility Routines to help improve flexibility, range of motion while creating overall body awareness.


Learn the foundations and principles of practicing mindfulness daily.


Weekly Meditation and breathwork techniques to help you create inner peace and connect with your true self.




Find Balance

Relieve Stress

Create Abundance

Live in Wellness


As your wellness coach, I am here to guide you emotionally, physically and mentally.



Weekly Coaching support Includes:

  • Breakdown of focus area of the week

  • Weekly goal setting and Journaling prompts

  • Daily Motivation and Accountability

  • Nutrition Support

  • Facebook Group

  • Personalized feedback: Weekly or Bi-Weekly Coaching Call

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